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What to Expect

All-Faith Weddings is here to make things easier for you and your wedding. A wedding is a turning point in lives, and should be held with love, passion, happiness, joy, and excitement. We help you remove stress, because the focus is on love.

  • We do Inter-Faith Weddings, as requested.
  • We can suggest vendors for all your wedding needs.
  • We can help you understand about the Marriage License Requirements.
  • We can produce high quality weddings with consideration to more conservative budgets.
  • We can provide Pre-Marital, Ministerial Counseling and Couples Counseling throughout your marriage if requested.
  • We do write a custom-design ceremony for your wedding.
    • We can include your children if applicable.
    • We can provide readings for friends or family to present at your wedding.
  • We do meet with each couple in order to help you understand our services and how we can assist you.
  • We can accept personal checks.
  • We work with you on the perfect location.
    • Mountain Top
    • Beach
    • Lake Shore
    • National, State, City Parks
    • On Party Boats
    • Hotels
    • Conference Centers
    • Golf Clubs
    • Art Galleries
    • Ante-Bellum Mansions

Contact All-Faith Weddings to take the first step in making this wonderful decision... one of your life's wonder experiences together.

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